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The occupying Military who rejects the resettlement of the people...

14 Aug 14 06:02 (GMT)
admitted for alcohol consumption at Thalsevana, the luxurious holiday resort in Valikamam North High Security Zone.
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Inquiries into allegations of missing persons have been commenced at Mannar.

9 Aug 14 09:00 (GMT)
Tragedy of relatives at a glance - Reporter globaltamilnews - Mannar
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5 Aug 14 08:53 (GMT)
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17 Jul 14 15:38 (GMT)
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27 May 14 18:05 (GMT)
“The government is putting all three refugees at great risk in the hands of the Sri Lanka government,” he added.
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19 May 14 05:36 (GMT)
The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has threatened to leave the ruling UPFA Government over differences of opinion on several issues.
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24 Apr 14 03:01 (GMT)
The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office today warned British nationals visiting Sri Lanka not to have visible tattoos of the Lord Buddha.
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21 Jul 14 02:12 (GMT)
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16 Jun 14 10:30 (GMT)
Sinhala Buddhist monks accused of spearheading attacks in coastal towns of Aluthgama and Beruwala.
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23 May 14 00:27 (GMT)
TNA Northern Provincial Council (NPC) members yesterday held a ceremony at the NPC Complex to commemorate the LTTE members who died in the Mulliwaikkal, Mullaitivu battle during the final phase of the
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8 May 14 05:45 (GMT)
When Ceylon Today contacted Dissanayake, he confirmed that, Ravana Balaya had handed over such a letter.
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23 Apr 14 02:31 (GMT)
The Thera had to leave the Sabha complex in a hurry after he attended the session.
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