Sunday, 20 Apr 2014




Police record Gnanasara’s statement

13 Apr 14 02:54 (GMT)
Gnanasara thero verbally abused a Buddhist monk and a Muslim cleric after storming the venue of a press conference organised by the Jathika Bala Sena earlier this week.
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A group of Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) members yesterday disrupted a media

10 Apr 14 01:19 (GMT)
The police intervened to prevent any untoward incidents.
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JVP dreams big following their performance

31 Mar 14 03:43 (GMT)
The JVP yesterday said that its performance at the Western and Southern Provincial Council election would be the first step towards becoming the main Opposition party.
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25 Mar 14 03:55 (GMT)
“People remember the JVP whenever they come across issues and difficulties.
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20 Mar 14 10:33 (GMT)
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16 Mar 14 01:02 (GMT)
Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma has rejected the view that the Commonwealth is not doing anything on the Sri Lankan issue.
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17 Feb 14 04:25 (GMT)
According to the Commission, complaints have been made against the LTTE, security forces, other armed groups, the EPDP and Karuna's group in the Jaffna District.
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7 Feb 14 05:55 (GMT)
The United Nations (UN) has reiterated there needs to be accountability in Sri Lanka over the alleged incidents which took place during final stages of the war.
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23 Mar 14 03:12 (GMT)
The SLCMP investigations had found that the video, which surfaced earlier this month on the internet, has been produced by a group of army personnel in around October 2012.
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16 Mar 14 02:09 (GMT)
Tamil National Peoples Front General Secretary Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam said that the mother and daughter were produced before the Kilinochchi Acting Magistrate last night.
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10 Mar 14 03:39 (GMT)
There has been no shortage of distressing images emerging from the final two or three years of Sri Lanka's awful civil war. But this footage is amongst the worst I have seen, writes Callum Macrae.
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14 Feb 14 00:16 (GMT)
Balanathan Benjamin Mahendran, popularly known as Balu Mahendra, in the South Indian film industry, passed at the age of 74 in Chennai yesterday.
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7 Feb 14 04:53 (GMT)
The Government says it will take at least a year to implement a bulk of the recommendations of the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC).
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